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Work, Research and Leadership

Work Experience

Chronicles of professional evolution, navigating through diverse work experiences to weave a narrative of expertise and impact.

Data Engineer and Analyst

LG Energy Solution Vertech Inc.

Massachusetts, USA

Jan – Dec 2023

  1. Established Snowflake database and ETL pipeline, reducing costs by 30% and enhancing analytics by 10%.

  2. Increased system efficiency by 15% with PowerBI dashboards, Excel, Python, and SQL for data analytics.

  3. Spearheaded U.S. data integration, focusing on impactful PowerBI visuals and cloud management.

  4. Improved risk alert accuracy by 20% through PowerBI integration and service monitoring analytics.

  5. Streamlined supply chain management with analytical performance dashboards.

  6. Utilized Google Analytics for key market trends and consumer behavior insights.

Data Analyst

DTC Tech & Consultancy

Bangalore, India

June 2020 – July 2021

  1. Increased sales by 15% using Tableau for customer data analysis.

  2. Reduced operational mistakes by 25% and customer grievances by 20% with Python and SQL.

  3. Generated predictive reports efficiently with Tableau and Python.

  4. Facilitated team communication in Scrum Agile, prioritizing collaboration.

  5. Monitored performance indicators to optimize sales trends.

  6. Applied analytics, visualization, ETL, and Python skills for superior results.

Software Engineer

Ideonix Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Bangalore, India

Jan 2020 - May 2020

  1. Developed a multi-screen Android app with Java and Android SDK.

  2. Enhanced cross-platform adaptability through optimized user interface with HTML and CSS.

  3. Collaborated with UI/UX to improve visual assets and elevate app aesthetics.

  4. Demonstrated front-end skills by designing web pages using HTML and CSS.

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